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About Talks That Matter

Talks That Matter, Est. 2013. Based in Melbourne, Australia
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Many people with a disability remain excluded from the community. Some even draw parallels with social apartheid (Jackson, 1994; Goggin and Newell 2005)! Since 2003, Belonging Matters has worked at the grass roots to challenge exclusion and foster welcoming and diverse communities.

Talks That Matter is a unique, online video strategy developed by Belonging Matters which harnesses the leadership of people with disabilities, families and allies who have challenged exclusionary practices. Many of the people within Belonging Matters' vast international network are featured in Talks That Matter ensuring a rich, global perspective.

TTM is an ideal learning and teaching resource for people with a disability, families, support workers, organisations, students, teachers, trainers, planners, professionals, managers, CEOs, policy makers and others who are boundary pushers!

Every TTM video is grounded in the values of community, social inclusion and empowerment. Videos are arranged in a variety of categories such as employment, home, leadership, education, accessibility, community, empowerment, planning and more! Each category contains interviews, documentaries and presentations devoted to sharing people's stories and wisdom about how they created change to foster opportunities that are typically availed to all citizens e.g. attending a local school, finding a job, living in one’s own home, being a member of a community club etc.

Through such inclusion and contribution, we can create diverse, welcoming and inclusive communities. Our aim is not to sensationalise disability or for people to be seen as an inspiration! But to recognise, celebrate and share the wisdom of those who have pushed way beyond the current paradigm of exclusion and segregation to illustrate that people with a disability don't want “special” services but ordinary and typical opportunities to contribute to their communities.

Talks That Matter relies on member contributions, sponsorship and donations. Our major sponsors are Holmesglen and the Disability Services Commissioner. For more information about how you can support Talks That Matter, please view our sponsorship page.

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