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Michael Callahan

Marc Gold & Associates, USA

Michael Callahan has consulted throughout the US, Canada and Europe in the area of customised employment for the past thirty-five years. He has worked with Marc Gold & Associates (MG&A) for thirty-eight years. MG&A aims to ensure the complete participation of people with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities in the workforce. In 2000, Michael joined others to form a non-profit organisation, Employment for All. In this series of presentations Michael gives an overview of Customised Employment, how it differs from traditional approaches to employment.

Jan Kruger

Parent & Director of Imagine More, Canberra

Jan Kruger is from Canberra where her son Jack is a participant in the NDIS. Jack’s family have always had a vision that Jack would lead a typical life in the community, full of the opportunities and experiences that his older sisters have. Jan is also the Director and co-founder of Imagine More, a family led organisation based in Canberra that aims to strengthen family leadership and advocacy for people with a disability to get the good things in life. Jack’s family self-manage his NDIS supports to maximise the goals they have for a meaningful, valued, and fully inclusive life.

John Armstrong

Consultant, Melbourne

John Armstrong has a long involvement in the lives of people with disabilities, in informal advocacy and friendship roles as well as the formal roles of service provider, teacher, adviser and service planner. John is one of two senior Social Role Valorisation and PASSING trainers in Australia. He is particularly interested in uncovering the reasons behind the abuse of vulnerable people and the things that influence beneficial instead of detrimental actions. His events seek to increase consciousness and the development of the qualities needed by people who intend to act with integrity and leadership.



Marg Rodgers

Director Community Resource Unit, Brisbane

Margaret Rodgers’ commitment to people with disabilities began in a L’Arche community in India in the early 80′s. For thirty years, she has enjoyed working with people with a disability and their families in Queensland in a variety of organisations; many involved in family support and most in the non-government sector. She first worked for CRU in 1996, coordinating the Leadership Development program for 4 years. When her children were young and also while living in Cairns she undertook a variety of part time and short term roles.

In recent years she co-ordinated the Building of Informal Networks project with the Mamre Association where Circles of Support were used as a key strategy to assist adults move into homes of their own. In 2009, Margaret was engaged by Disability Services Queensland to further the implementation of person centred practice. During this time she became involved in the issue of improving the lives of people caught in the cycle of Emergency and Crisis. Marg returned to CRU to take up the position of Director in August 2009.



Mariam Issa

Founder RAW Community Garden


Ambassador of Peace

Mariam Issa’s refugee experience is a powerful and positive one. Mariam shares her stories passionately about exclusion, ho- listic integration, social justice, women’s issues and strengthening communities. Mariam is the distinguished author of the book, “A Resilient Life,” a story of resilience in the face of hardship and the spirit of determination, optimism, and understanding of all that makes us human. She was awarded the Ambassador of Peace award and she is regularly invited to speak to large organisations and conferences and has featured on Australian TV and radio.

Deb Rouget, Teresa Micallef

CEO & Facilitator

Belonging Matters

Self-managing NDIS funding and directing one’s own supports is a very empowering way to have control and work towards the good things in life. 


This 8 part video series, is from our recent webinar - Introduction to Self Management: Engaging and Directing Support Workers. The series explores topics such as:

  • The importance of creating a web of support,

  • Benefits of self management,

  • Finding the right match,

  • The role of the support worker,

  • Finding and interviewing support workers,

  • Employing support workers and

  • Tips on how to engage and direct support workers.

Deb Rouget and Teresa Micallef from Belonging Matters, share their learnings and Linda Hughes shares her insights about how she assists her son Jacob's support team to enable him to live a full and meaningful life in his own home and the community.

Jeremy Ward

Father, Brother, Disability Advocate, Author 

Jeremy Ward is a parent from Brisbane, whose eldest daughter, Mena, lived with disability and required support to live in her own home, which she did successfully for over 10 years. His older sister also lived with a significant disability all her life. He has many years’ experience in disability advocacy, in the law as it relates to people with disabilities, and in assisting families to plan for the future. The Shouted Goodbye, Jeremy’s account of Mena’s life, was published in 2015.

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