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Premium Videos feature a selection of leaders who have pushed the boundaries of social inclusion.
Customised Employment
Michael Callahan

Marc Gold & Associates - USA

  • Developing a Work Profile - Discovery Intentional Interaction.

  • Developing a Work Profile - Who is the Person?

  • Developing a Work Profile - Using Life Domains

  • Developing a Work Profile - Using Descriptiveness

  • Customised Employment 

Circles of Support
Margaret Rodgers

Community Resource Unit - Brisbane

  • Lending Connections

  • Purpose and Focus

  • Including Siblings

  • Collective Wisdom

  • Asking People to Join

Safeguarding The Future
Marg Duncan

Duncan Legal - Melbourne

  • Supported Decision Making & The Law (Marg Duncan)

  • Estate Planning & Disability

Self Management
Teresa Micallef

Belonging Matters - Melbourne

  • Finding The Right Match 

  • How to Find and Interview Support Workers

  • Encouraging and Directing Support Workers

Self Direction & The NDIS
Jan Kruger

Imagine More  - Canberra

  • NDIS - Vison for a Plan

  • NDIS - Developing a Plan

  • NDIS - Implementation of The Plan

  • NDIS - Options for Managing Funding

  • NDIS - Recruitment of Jack's Support Workers - Sports Coach

  • NDIS - Developing Circles of Support and Relationships

  • NDIS - "Nuts and Bolts"

  • NDIS - Tips

The Power of Community
Mariam Issa

RAW Community Garden - Melbourne

  • Community

Self Management
Deb Rouget

Belonging Matters - Melbourne

  • Creating a Web of Support

  • Support Workers - Benefit of Self Management

  • Gaining Clarity about the Support Worker Role

  • Employing Support Workers

Building Valued Roles
John Armstong

Consultant - Melbourne

  • The Power of Assumptions

  • Culturally Valued Ways and Means

  • The Development Approach

  • Friendship Valued Roles Summary

  • Customised Employment 

Safeguarding The Future
Jeremy Ward

Disability Advocate, Author - Brisbane

  • Planning for the Future - What to Avoid

  • The Importance of Vision

  • Whole of Life Planning

  • What Really Keeps People Safe

  • Circles of Support

  • Succession Planning & The NDIS

  • A Vision and Plan

Self Management
Linda Hughes

Mind The Gap - Newcastle

  • Jacob's Support Team

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